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Lets get creative and understand the design and making process of your personalised Jewellery

The Design Process

We will start with expressing your ideas. Whats the inspiration for your design? Is it an Engagement ring, Wedding band, 50th Wedding Anniversary Present?

Any Jewellery you want starts with a design process!

The below illustration describes the steps we would go though to design an Engagement ring. we could apply this to make any type of jewellery.

What colour metal would you like your Design to be made from?

Metal Type

If you're making a wedding band for example. we'll go through different Band Profiles.

Ring Profiles
Ring Width

Chose an unlimited amount of styles of collets.

Choose from a variety of Stone Shape and sizes!

Gem Shape

Or would you prefer a different colour?

Gem Colour

If you would like some gems in your design then why type of collet would you like to use?

Collet Design

The Final Design!

Final Design

A Custom Design to Bring your Ideas to life!

Start Now!
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