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Custom jewellery taylored to you!

Get inspired by our portfolio of inhouse custom designed jewellery

The engagement ring was to feature 3 stones, the center stone as per the customers vision was to be a Ruby. With that information we were able to draw up this beautiful piece on CAD software. This way you're able to visualise how the finished product will look.

This is a platinum engagement ring with a 0.5ct ruby Center Stone, x2 0.33ct diamonds either side and x2 1.5mm diamonds in the shank.

Engagement Rings

The Customer was keen on a design that focused around a plaited effect. We previewed two designs. One with a flat top finish and one with a rounded top.  

This was actually a repair job. The customer had broke his finger and had his signet ring with a star setting (which was his wedding band) cut off because of the swelling. For his 50th wedding anniversary his wife wanted a new wedding band, using the metal and the diamond from the old signet i was able to make this court profile band with a star setting. 

Wedding Bands

The design is based around a channel set tennis bracelet. From that idea out in house jewellers were able to create this beautiful diamond set bangle. Using a 6 axis diamond milling machine we were able to use precision diamond cutting tools to  make setting this just that little bit easier and made a beautiful 15th wedding anniversary present.